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Polyconn Composite Push-In Fittings

Polyconn's composite push-in fittings are made from the following materials; the body is made of PBT while the threaded sections are made of nickel plated brass. The fittings are used because they are lighter weight than a full brass fitting and more economical. The use of plastic also permits unique configurations and shapes that are difficult or impossible to achieve with all brass. These fittings are also used in many different types of pneumatic applications.
  • Working Pressure 150 PSI
  • Temperature range 32° - 140° F
  • Body material is PBT with NBR seals
  • 28" Hg (99% Vacuum)

Polyconn Push-In Fittings and Flow Controls Catalog Pages (1.6MB): Polyconn-composite-fittings.pdf