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Polyurethane Coils, Inch

Coil diameter plays a very significant role in retractability. The smaller and tighter the coil diameter, the snappier and more retractable the coil becomes.

"Working Length" of a coil is usually a percentage of the total tubing length. It may be necessary to experiment with working lengths to produce a coil that can be stretched and used comfortably. Polyurethane features flexibility allowing a working length of 80 - 90% the actual material length; nylon, a more rigid tubing, has a working length that is 67-75% the total tubing length.

"Retracted Length" Is the length of a coil not including “pig tails”. Retracted length or outer coil diameter may be important in applications where the coil rests over a pole or retracts into a box.

Tails: Standard sized Polyurethane coiled tubing have two straight “tails” (8” and 16”). Tails ease use of coils with diameters. Nylon tails are not standard-rather coils are produced from 100’ (foot) bulk length coils, if tail length is required, please supply measurement for quote.

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