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Metal Work Proportional Pressure Regulators

REGTRONIC proportional pressure regulators series have the job of precisely regulating the pressure in a system, the output pressure determined on the input command. 

Remote control regulators are controlled by means of an M12x1 cable and connector and can have Voltage, mA, RS232 control or via IO-Link. Regulators with a display can be controlled via a cable or directly using the keys below the display. The pressure value and a series of information and diagnostics are visible at all times on the graphic display. The user-display interface, LEDs and buttons are all on one side. 

The Regtronic programming and reading software is comprehensive, simple and intuitive. Pressure control takes place in a "closed-loop" with an electronic precision pressure sensor that measures the downstream pressure, a control system that compares it with the desired set pressure, and two mini solenoid valves that adjust the pressure to reach the target value.

Regtronic Catalog PDF (566KB)