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Heavy Duty NFPA Hydraulic Cylinders to 3000 PSI

  NFPA Standard hydraulic cylinders from 1.5" through 20" bore and pressure to 3000 PSI. High quality cylinders at excellent prices!

> Starcyl ST6 Catalog  (4.7 Mb)
> Fabco HHD Catalog (7.8 Mb)
Heavy duty industrial tie rod construction
Nominal pressure 3000 PSI
Standard bore sizes 1.5" through 20"
Piston rod diameters 5/8" through 10"
18 standard mounting styles
Starnite(TM) available on all steel parts
Pressure rated to 3,000 psi hydraulic service
Available in 16 bore sizes from 1" to 24 inches
Extra-long rod, high strength cartridge provides maximum bearing support
Circular rod bushing retainer- remove the rod cartridge without disassemby
Fine-grained cast iron piston
Over 20 NFPA standard mounting options