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Magnetic Cylinder Sensors

  • Adsens Technology Cylinder Sensors- Low Cost, Readily Available Replacements for OEM Cylinder Sensors from Most Manufacturers
  • Cylinder Mount Hall Effect Solid State Sensors (3-wire PNP, NPN, Triac Output) and Reed Switches (higher current 2-wire type)
  • Slide-In and Drop-In sensors for Oval, Square, Rectangular, D-Slot, T-Slot, Tie Rod Clamp-on, Strap Clamp Mount and more
  • Prewired Cables or M8 Quick Disconnect with Straight or 90 Degree Wire Exit
  • AC, DC, AC/DC Voltages
  • Weld Field Immune and Speed (RPM) Sensor Configurations

See the Adsens PDF Sensor Catalog or Contact Us for suitable replacements for your cylinder sensors