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Metal Work Syntesi Modular Air Prep System

Syntesi Filters, Regulators, Lubricators, and Components

Syntesi™ is an important milestone achieved by Metal Work, the result of thirty years of experience producing air-treatment units. It has been studied in minute detail to obtain the best possible performance in a reduced space and with limited weight. The capacity is much higher than that of other units of the same size. This modular unit features a very simple yet effective system that requires no brackets, stay bolts or yoke for assembling the elements. 

The basic version of Syntesi™ incorporates numerous functions that are not provided or are only optional with traditional units. Examples are padlockable knobs, additional pneumatic ports on the front and back, flow options from left to right or vice versa, regulators with compensation system - which are accurate even when the upstream pressure changes, with rapid downstream pressure relief - full indelible marking, automatic condensate drain even in size 1, and 360° visual inspection of oil and condensate levels. 

The basic materials, technopolymer and nickel-plated brass have excellent corrosion resistance. An anti-corrosion version is available with stainless steel components (screws, plates) or Geomet-rated ones (regulator springs). 

Pipe sizes 1/8" to 1" NPT or BSPP (ISO G)

Syntesi Complete Catalog (9MB): syntesi.pdf