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E-Z Slide-out System - RV Slideout Room Rack & Gear System - A proven rack and pinion slide-out mechanism from H&H. Handles rooms to 1500 lbs. 12 volt operation eliminates mess and problems associated with hydraulic systems. Engineering assistance provided at your plant in USA and Canada. Complete accessories and electronic controls.
The Cog- The Cog combines built in "Tru-Trak" movement with solid construction that will provide years of trouble-free slideout room use. The large diameter cog (gear) and precision-punched slide stock guarantees a perfect gear mesh every time. Exclusive enclosed outer tube for maximum strength and weather/road protection; Emergency crank gear box (standard); Up to 2000 lbs. of positive pressure on seals in extend or retract ... positive lock; Fewer parts to install for OEMs; Up to 2 inches per second extend/retract speed; Zinc-plated slide stock for maximum rust resistance: Rocker switch or optional current limiter.

Please call (800) 662-1684 for further specifications and application assistance.




COG Slideout Generic Regular Mount


COG Slideout Center Mount


COG Slideout Saddle Mount