Metalwork Pneumatic Product Videos

Many believe that the days of innovation in pneumatic technology are a thing of the past, but Metalwork Pneumatic continues to prove them wrong. Take a look at the videos below to witness some truly unique products in the world of pneumatics.
Metalwork Pneumatic introduces ONE, an all-in-one air preparation system in a single housing. ONE includes filter with auto drain and clog indicator, relieving regulator, pressure gauge, venting manual shutoff/lockout, adjustable slow-start valve, 3-way solenoid dump valve, adjustable pressure switch, 3 auxiliary air outlets, all in a compact package with swivel inlet/outlet fittings and M12x1 electrical connector. ONE saves space, time, and money.  
Metalwork's HDM Series modular solenoid valve is the ultimate in user-friendly solenoid valve technology. The assembly, pneumatic and electrical connections, and user interface make the HDM an easy choice for directional control needs. The HDM is a robust package with several control options including serial interface.

HDM Multimach Video

R3 Rotary Actuators
Metalwork Grippers
Metalwork Grippers Video
N Series Microflow Controllers
N Series Flow Controls