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Custom 12 VDC powered TV lift assemblies with linear guides
These TV lifts come complete to your specifications with linear actuator, guides, mounting brackets, and television mount bracket. Let us know if we can also supply you with controls, power supply, wiring, etc.
Our Knudtson TV Lift Assemblies consist of dual linear guides, a single rack and pinion actuator, television mount bracket and assembly mounting bracket.
Dual guide rails are adequate for a rigid mounting of units up to about 20" screen size. For heavy or large TVs requiring a long travel, an additional (perpendicular) guide is added to increase rigidity in all directions (far right).
Depending on the bracket configuration, the unit may be as shallow as 2-3/4", not including television thickness, when using a standard body actuator.
Full Retract
This Knudtson Shelf Lift Assembly has a travel of 13 inches, and is rigid even at full extension. The collapsed length is ony 19-3/4", and thickness is only 2-1/8" (plus angle bracket) due to the low profile body used here.
With simple mount/bracket changes, this unit may be used for TV lifts, doors, step covers, cabinets, or many other applications.
Full Extend

Lift assembly for 32" television-dual actuators and triple guide rails

The lift kit at right is shipped complete with guided actuators, AC/DC converter, control switches, and complete wiring. Mount the actuator and plug it in!